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37°46'26.5"N, 122°24'40.1"W

Recent Nearby Seismic Activity:

Date Time Lat Lon Depth Mag

2017/09/27 05:21:00.14 37.64317 -122.49233 10.590 1.30

Two words on an imported Chinese fan, expressing both insult and invitation; individualism vs. need, underscored by a sense of transactional urgency.

From Joan Didion: "This extreme reliance of California on federal money, so seemingly at odds with the emphasis on unfettered individualism that constitutes the local core belief, was a pattern set early on, and derived in part from the very individualism it would seem to belie...Charles Nordhoff complained of California in 1874 that "a speculative spirit invades even the farm-house," too often tempting its citizens "to go from once avocation to another, to do many things superficially, and to look for sudden fortunes by the chances of a shrewd venture, rather than be content to live by patient and continued labor."


Folsom Street Fair San Francisco, California

September, 2017

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