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37°46'12.1"N, 122°24'48.6"W

Recent Nearby Seismic Activity

Date Time Lat Lon Depth Mag

2017/09/18 :41:52.72 37.61067 -122.47017 8.920 0.42

Attributed to Skopas, a grave stele from the Ilissos River in Athens marks the death of a hunter, depicted nude and erotically muscular, staring at the viewer with deeply set eyes. His mourners, both male, surround him. The dog, the deceased’s former companion and hunting partner, has picked up a scent. Is he looking for his master or something more immediate?

They say the ashes of former bar patrons were lovingly spread in this courtyard, where wind, rain, spilled beer and 10,000 sweepings & hosings have long since carried them away.

She reads me one of the messages posted on an online local AIDS memorial board. It says, punctuation unchanged, “I missed him for the rest of his life as the one who got away. I ran into him @ The Eagle in May or June of 1988 after someone had told me he had already died (!). Talk about seeing a ghost! In fact, that's what he said You look like you've seen a ghost! Did someone tell you I died?. We embraced and kissed and caught up and he told me he had AIDS. As I was HIV+ it was sad to hear he had progressed to AIDS. I was able to tell him how I felt about him not choosing me for more than a casual hookup every once in a while and I told him, I could have loved you.... He said, I know. and expressed remorse. We said goodbye. I then read the obit the following January. When I told him I could've loved him, I should have said I've always loved you...”


The San Francisco Eagle

San Francisco, California

September 2017

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